Sketchbook Warmup 1.1

Name _ Tuesday 1/3/12


  • Each day's Sketchbook Warmup should fill half a page. If you have your sketchbook with you, draw a horizontal line through the first page and use the top half for today's Sketchbook Warmup.
  • If you are still without a sketchbook us the half sheet provided.

Sketchbook Warmup 1.2


Tuesday 1/4/12

Fill your page with different kinds of line.
Use straight lines and curved lines.
Use Jagged lines and curly lines.
Use vertical lines and horizontal lines.
Use thick lines and thin lines
Use continuous lines and segmented lines.

Sketchbook Warmup 1.3

Name ___

Tuesday 1/5/2012

Draw the chicken.

Sketchbook Warmup 1.4

Name ___

Tuesday 1/6/2012

Draw the chicken upside down.