Classroom Rules and Procedures


So students can learn and Mr. Costanzo can teach, here are the rules to ensure a safe, orderly, and productive classroom

  1. Follow instruction the first time it is given
  2. Stay in your seat unless you have permission to do otherwise
  3. No food or drink other than water allowed in the classroom
  4. No offensive language or put-downs allowed
  5. Return all drawing materials to the place they belong in the condition you found them in

If you choose to break a classroom rule, understand you have made the conscious decision to do so and thereby accept the negative consequences (penalties).

First offense: Verbal or nonverbal warning
Second offense: See Mr. Costanzo immediately following class
Third offense: Office referral

Those students following class rules can expect to receive positive consequences (rewards).


Procedures are for the students' benefit. Following these procedures will help you do class work with less confusion, promoting your succeed.

  1. Sit in your assigned seat.
  2. One person from each table group will retrieve the group's Portfolios from the storage cabinet.
  3. Get out your sketchbook and begin the Daily Sketchbook Warmup as described on the Smartboard. You will have 5 minutes to complete it so get started right away!
  4. During the warmup, on person from each group will gather the supplies listed on the board.
  5. Mr. Costanzo will begin class following the 5 minute Sketchbook Warmup. You will remain working until Mr. Costanzo instructs the class to begin clean up (3 to 5 minutes before the bell).
  6. One person from your table group will return Portfolios the the storage cabinet while others clean and return materials.
  7. Once portfolios and materials are put away, students must remain seated until the bell.